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    The National Concrete Burial Vault Association (NCBVA)  and the Funeral and Memorial Information Council (FAMIC) is proud to welcome you to an exciting consumer education campaign, Have the Talk of a Lifetime.

    This national grassroots initiative is aimed at motivating families to talk about what matters most in their lives and how they made a difference. These conversations will translate into a more meaningful memorialization and a greater perceived value in the role of our profession.

    Now is the time to advance our profession and reverse the trend of less memorialization, which will ultimately help grow your business.

    NCBVA is a strong supporter of the "Talk of a Lifetime Campaign".  Getting involved as a member of NCBVA is easy.  Please follow the link above to visit the website.

    NCBVA members should use Famic in the username and campaign as the password to find many promotional materials that will allow you to also promote the Talk of a Lifetime campaign on your website, facebook page, and even in print media or promotional materials for your place of business.  You can make a difference helping spread the word of the importance of the "Talk of a Lifetime".

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    Don't miss the December 2016 Bulletin which includes articles on:
    • 2017 NCBVA Convention
    • Shackle Inspections and Reject CriteriaCharts
    • Know the Difference Between Edutainment and Productive Training
    • Good Profits versus Bad Profits
    • Association Matters 

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    The 2017 NCBVA Convention will feature Dr. Rick Grandinetti on “Succession and Business Transition”.  Every company, whether large, small or non-profit endures challenge to stay competitive and profitable. There are certain strategies that successful companies take action upon. These methods apply to growing profits and sales; succession planning; gaining market share; and diversifying your product line. Participants will learn how to increase sales and profits without additional marketing or hiring of additional sales personnel; how to successful implement a succession plan; how all products look alike and how service will set you apart and add to your bottom line; the best practices from successful companies or better learn from their mistakes; and how to raise profits and sales in a declining market.

    Dr. Rick Grandinetti has designed, produced, coordinated and conducted over 5,000 seminars and keynote speeches through North America and not one has been like another. In his 25 years of experience he has written more than 30 various educational programs currently utilized by numerous organizations throughout the United States and has written a book titled "Succeed Inside the Box." He is in the process of publishing a new book this year. He has managed and navigated many leading companies through changes to alter their culture to one of Excellence, putting together a path for succession and successful transition.

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